The island of Crete

Rent a Car in Crete

Crete is the biggest island in Greece and the second in the Mediterranean. It covers 8335 kilometers making the travellers never lose interest throughout their entire stay.

The island of Crete in separate into 4 prefectures; The prefecture of Heraklion which is the capital of the island, also the prefecture of Chania, Rethymno and Lassithi.

Crete combines imposing mountains (most notably Psiloritis and the Lefka Ori) and magnificent crystal clear seas with blue or even green waters and white, golden and red sand! Enchanting landscapes that earn even the most demanding visitor. The island also has plains, green slopes, olive trees, vineyards and rare herbs some of which exist only in Crete.

If one wishes to characterize Crete, one would say that its northern side is the most European, Southern Crete is the virgin Crete, its western side is the cosmopolitan while Eastern Crete is the most touristy part of the island. Crete combines everything from one end to another, with every corner of it overflowing with history and culture.

Important destinations in Crete are the Minoan Palace of Knossos and Phaistos in the prefecture of Heraklion, Ideon Andron in the prefecture of Rethymnon, Frangokastello in the prefecture of Chania and Spinalonga in the prefecture of Lasithi.

The seas of Crete have nothing to envy in the famous exotic beaches. Just a few of them are Chrissi Beach, Vai Beach, Elafonissi Beach and Gramvousa and Balos Beach. Some are organized and some with natural, pure beauty invite you to explore them.

The villages of Crete are accomplish what the people of Crete are famous for, the hospitality! People in the villages always welcome every guest, a traveler with raki, wine, traditional dishes and sometimes a “Lyra” and song with the famous Cretan “mantinades“. In many of the villages of Crete throughout the summer traditional festivities are held and everyone is invited to celebrate as the locals celebrate.

Crete is endless and invites you to explore it with its beauties!

Crete Heraklion – “Koule” Castle
Heraklion Port
Preveli Beach – South Crete